It’s not that I’m bored or don’t have a billion and three things to do at work; however since I am working until 20h00 tonight [sob] making it a 12 hour working day with a measly 30 minutes lunch break in which I have to fetch Angel from school and deliver her home; I have given myself a much needed Coffee Blog Break.

I barely get a chance to read any of the blogs on my reader; as when I have half an hour to steal it’s either read or write; and apologies to my Followings, but I remain conceited enough to chose the rantings and raving in my head, to your possibly more enlightened and entertaining posts. Rest assured it’s not you, it’s me.

Scrolling through the plethora of posts, I stumbled across a quiz. Ooh wee! With excitement levels rising [it’s been a while] I clicked on the blog as fast as my stubbornly sticky mouse would allow. A Religion Test nogal ! So off mousey and I went in search of Divinity.

I shan’t bore you with the answers to my questions, however I shall share the results of the very difficult, mind-blowing and soul-searching test.


You believe in reincarnation and have a whole bunch of Gods that are really the same God, but different Gods, but still the same. You are focused on your karma and the more good karma you achieve the less likely you are to be reincarnated as an animal. Your goal is to escape the endless cycle …

There you have it! After a childhood in Christianity, a brush with Islam, dabbling in Wicca and losing all my money to Scientology; I have finally found my path. According to the Powers That Be, I am Hindu! [that would explain the Om symbol tattooed on my wrist].

I really thought the result would have me a Buddhist, but I guess it was my spider murdering ways that put paid to that path.