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You may have noticed the lack of weight and measurements posted last Monday.  Unfortunately Angel’s Scout commitments kept us very busy last Sunday and by the time she returned home in evening I had to oversee a last minutes assignment to be completed for the following morning. Nothing new in the Harmony household – we thrive under pressure. However after my 23h00 bath I was not prepared to dig around in search of my measuring tape, as I was tired and feeling under the weather [thanks to the miserable weather].

I will not be posting measurements this morning either and not due to a lack of locating said measuring tape.  During a tidy up on Saturday [after watching two seasons of Hoarders this weekend I have finally admitted that I have a problem and if not addressed, will soon feature on a reality show] I found the snakey bugger and have put it safe and sound in my bedside table.  The only reason I’m telling you this, is so that if at the end of this week I’m looking for it again, I know who to ask!

The reason I did not take measurements this weekend is because I was ill all of last week.  On the assistance of Boss Lady I went to see the Doc on Tuesday morning and she prescribed various nasal sprays and nodules for my sinus infection. She said they should help but if I was still ill by Friday, I should return for a script for antibiotics. Doc also mentioned that I might be going overboard with the training sessions and suggested that I don’t return until I’m fully recovered and then not to do so many intensive classes together in the week.


So I sadly missed all my Yoga, Pilates, Bums and Tums and Ab Attack last week; and since I was feeling yucky, indulged in comfort food all week-long.  I snuck a quick jump on the scale last night and I’m pleased that I haven’t gained any of the lost weight. I remain at 58.5kg which were the results of two weeks ago. I’m sure I lost a kay the week before last and then promptly ate it up again this week; but I’m not too concerned.

I did return to the doc on Friday as I was feeling like death warmed up. However, I’m not sure if that was due to the sinus infection … or the massive hangover …

On Thursday evening I was a naughty girl, and went out with Nina to the pool bar next door to my old club. She and her boyfriend had a huge fight a few days prior and she was in a back way, so I told her a drunken night out with her friendie was in order.  The only problem was that my poor body is not used to alcohol yet, and so I was the one fully intoxicated and in need of looking after.

Nevertheless, we had an amazing evening! We played several games of pool which was so much fun. We drank up a storm [well I did, literally] and even had shooters brought over to us lovely ladies on a regular basis. I won’t pretend that I didn’t flirt with a few tattooed hunks, but if I’ve learnt anything in the past few years – it’s that I will not meet Mr Right in a pub / bar / club / drinking hole.  So I happily accepted their drinks and compliments – however no digits or names or body fluids were exchanged. Scouts honour!

On the subject of boys … Mimi told me on Thursday night that she had given her son my number as he was very determined to get it and she couldn’t put him off with her feeble excuses any longer. Argh! I wish she hadn’t told me, as since then, every time my phone rang, I would jump in anticipation and work up a sweat before answering in my sweetest voice;


Needless to say, my soft greetings have been lost on the gym [they miss me] and Angel’s Scout Patrol Leader; and as of this morning, Liam has not make use of my number. There’s nothing worse than knowing that someone has your number and then waiting for them to use it and having absolutely no control of the situation. I find it quite stressful.

This morning whilst chatting to Mimi on Whatsapp about her youngest son [I take him to crèche in the mornings on my way to work] I casually asked how her oldest son was … knowing full well that he was driving her to work … hehehe … we often talk about him unbeknownst to him in his presence, so this wasn’t unusual …

She replied that he was ok, just studying very hard for his following exams next week [he is in IT and is studying new Microsoft programmes – all way above my knowledge and understanding; so we’ll stick with IT] and how he never left the house all weekend [me and my stalking ways can vouch for that – I now make visits to the bathroom with my glasses on and there have been no strange shapes and forms lurking in the parking area!]

Then she said that he said he will give me his undivided attention after next week … and that was followed with several lines of hahahaha’s and Lol’s from Mimi and then wrote that I should have seen the naughty grin on his face when he said it …

I guess they both saw straight through my not-so-innocent query so it serves me right. So much for all my subtlety – the cat is out of the bag and he now knows that I am eagerly awaiting his call and I’m pretty damn sure the rest of their journey in the car was spent gossiping about me … my ears were certainly burning. Although that might have been due to the embarrassment; for some reason this whole situation has me feeling extremely shy.

At least I know not to expect to hear from him for another two weeks and that suits me just fine as I can now relax when my phone rings with an unfamiliar number and let go of the expectation. [After all this anticipation, we had better get along fabulously!]

Also, I am attending a huge St Paddy’s Day event on Saturday with my Goddess and we’re going all out for the occasion. There is definitely no place for a man with all the shenanigans we have planned!