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love triangleMy ex-crush is at my new admirer’s house.

As in … [S] is currently sitting mere meters away from Liam … under the same roof.

I could not make this shit up if I tried!

And how did I come to be in possession of this salacious information, I hear you ask in anti…ci…pation.

Well, after dropping Madam off at Scouts, I drove home. Liam’s unit is on the first corner near the entrance, so I have to pass it daily when entering and exiting the complex.

I also have to pass the visitors parking on the way to my place, which is on the next corner. And whose vehicle should be the first one parked in the very spacious and largely empty visitors parking bay?

Miss [S].

It wasn’t so much her car I recognised, but rather [S] herself sitting in the drivers seat; not two meters from my window as I drove by.


Yup, she still has that effect on me.

I continued my journey home, parking my vehicle in its bay and dashed through the drizzle to get home.

Liam wasn’t home as yet. Not that I’d done a full recon on his place, or even ventured into the boy’s bathroom; but Mimi had sent me a message saying that her hubby had just messaged her complaining about her daughter’s visitors and she was about to arrive home to the drama; so I knew they hadn’t arrived home as yet.

Something was niggling at me though, but in my rush to get dinner sorted before having to return to fetch Angel; I put it out of my mind.

However when someone came a-knocking at the front door, I hid in my bathroom. Note: the bathroom without a view.

Security didn’t buzz me so it couldn’t be a visitor from out of the complex.

Star’s friends make use of the back door or his bedroom window. And he was out anyway, with those friends.

Angel was at Scouts and the wet shoe print left on my veranda (I’m nothing if not thorough in my investigations) was too large to be one of her friends.

So the uninvited guest was an adult currently within the confines of the complex. However, I wasn’t about to play any guessing games to ascertain just who.

With ten minutes to spare, I planned my escape route to get to the car unnoticed.

Glasses on, quick squiz out the bathroom window. Clear!

One eyeball peering through the peephole in the front door. Clear!

Thankfully the persistent rain gave me an excuse to run through my exposed garden and head for cover under the carport.

Driving out the complex I gave a slight glance to where [S]’s vehicle was still parked, however no driver or passengers in sight. Dammit! Where had she got to?

Taking the last turn in the complex, I took a little look through Liam’s garden gate, to see him, his step-father (who is Angel’s fathers age, just by the way) and uncle [Mimi’s brother] sitting on the veranda. They didn’t see me though, gotta love dark tinted windows at night!

Before  returning my eyes to their rightful place on the road in front me, a room illuminated above the men downstairs.

Lights – [N] – Mimi’s daughter

Camera – [B] – Star’s best (girl) friend

Action – [S] – my girlie crush

And then the penny dropped. Mimi and Co. used to live near [B] and [F] and their family in a neighbouring suburb; and Star [B], [F] and [N] would hang out together as kids. I had completely forgotten the connection between [N] and [B].

Of course with [B] and [S] being besties and now colleagues too [they co-host an online radio programme] it would be natural that now with [B] reigniting her friendship with [N] that [S] would find herself in [N]’s house,  where her brother Liam happens to reside.

Am I at all perturbed by recent events? Not a chance, I actually find these new co-incidences rather amusing. No harm, no foul.