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Again some time passed, and one evening I used Star’s bathroom in order to take a shower. Not a ery common occurrence as I love my long hot bubble baths, but now and then I find it refreshing.

If you have been following my blogs for years, you will know that Star’s bathroom looks onto a parking area in the complex. And Mimi just happens to live in that section.

After climbing out the shower, I went to stand in front of the basin to retrieve a towel from the handrail, and I noticed that the window was open. I don’t give much thought to people looking in, because unless you’re a peeping Tom, generally one wouldn’t look at or through a bathroom window.

You’d think I’d have learned my lesson six years ago, but this is Harmony we’re talking about; so you won’t be surprised to learn that seeing a figure in the distance, I poked my head out of the window before draping a towel around me.

I must quickly mention that it was dusk and so the light wasn’t great and at my age *cough cough* my eye sight isn’t what it used to be. So after not quite making out who or what was in the distance, I put my head back into the bathroom and tried to close the window. Due my hands being wet and the condensation on the window latch, my hand kept slipping off and out the window.

Nevertheless, I thought nothing more the incident. Until I received a visit from Mimi last night.

She came over with a very sweet card thanking me for my friendship and being there for her and the younger kids [I give them a lift to school now and then]. After our usual chit-chat, she again came to the subject of her darling son and our impending future together.

Ok not quite, but she does not hide her burning desire for us to hook up.

Instead of the usual hinting if I was ready for a call for a date or at least a call to start getting to know each other; she said that Liam told her of a strange incident involving me.

I was quite shocked, as other than initially meeting him, I have never laid eyes on him since. Not so, accordingly to him.

One evening Liam parked his car outside his mother’s home and after climbing out the car, his attention was drawn to a head sticking out the window in his direction.  He recognised it being me and smiled.  I then waved at him, signalling him to come over to the bathroom window.  As he started walking towards me, I slammed the window shut.

So he was very confused, as in the first place why on earth would I call him over to my bathroom and then when he did start walking in my direction, why would I slam the window shut.

To say I nearly wet my pants is an understatement. I was literally bent double with laughter as I explained to Mimi what really happened. I told her that I had no idea it was Liam getting out of his car, as my eyesight at that distance is nothing but a blur and I was not signaling for him to come over, but rather my hand was slipping off the latch in an attempt to close it!

Mimi too was in tears with laughter, correctly stating that a comedy of errors such as this could only happen to me. Now as hilarious as it this story is, Mimi cannot go back to her son with what really happened, as then he will be wizened to the fact that we gossip talk about him and I am so embarrassed that he thinks I’m some sort of psycho that reaches out to men whilst naked in the bathroom and then closes the window when they get close.

Good heavens, what must the young lad think of me???

I ask Mimi if he was relieved that he hadn’t yet asked me out as clearly I was a loose cannon and he must be thinking that he had dodged a bullet. Quite on the contrary said Mimi. Apparently Liam is even more intrigued by me and getting frustrated that his mother won’t provide him with my phone number and short of appearing a stalker unannounced on my door step, he is planning to invite me to his 30th birthday party next month.

That suits me just fine, as I am determined to see March out manless in order to reach my one year anniversary of singledom [a record for me]; and furthermore, since it’s a party, I can bring a friend! It’s not only guys who require wing-men, you know.

In the meantime, I quite enjoy knowing that someone is admiring me from afar but too intimidated to approach me directly. I honestly couldn’t handle a forward person in my space right now … I’m still easing back into society and I need to do it in my own time.

Lastly, I am going to gather a group of admirers and allow the lucky bunch of assorts to woo me in a way I have yet to experience. I expect to be showered [no reference to the above incident] with attention and bouquets of blooms.

And I would much prefer introductions and match-making by well-meaning friends; meeting random men in strange places hasn’t exactly worked out for me in the past. References, I need references!

Old-fashioned courtship is the way to go!