I have a secret admirer. Except that it is not quite so secret as I know all about it. However my admirer doesn’t know that I am aware of his affections and that makes it even sweeter.

I have become quite friendly with a woman that lives in the complex as her daughter and Star went to High School together and she dated one of Star’s friends for several years. AT the time they lived elsewhere, so when they relocated to our complex, the mom was thrilled to see my darling son again.

Background on Mimi.

She fell pregnant at 18 and had a son. She then married the boys father and they had another son four years later, and then a daughter [Star’s friend] after another four years.

Thereafter they divorced and several years later she remarried a man 16 years younger than her. They went on to have a daughter [in Angel’s class], followed by another daughter three years later and then the laat lametjie several years later.

In summary she has a 29 year old son, 25 year old son [married], 20 year old daughter [Star’s friend], a 12 year old daughter [Angel’s friend], a nine year old daughter and a five year old son.

You would never know looking at her, that Mimi is 48 years old with six kids; as she still has a slight figure and youthful looks, and like me – still enjoys a night out on the town.

We have taken to visiting each other now and then for a gossip session chat as we have much in common with both of my kids being friends with two of hers.  A few weeks ago after one of my nightly meeting, she sent me a message asking me to come over as she needed to talk.

She had just found out that her husband [a club DJ] was cheating on her and in the same week found out that her oldest daughter was pregnant. I can relate to a cheating spouse and having been pregnant with Star at 20 myself, I offered my support, ear and shoulder and commiserated with her troubles.

Whilst sitting in the lounge chatting, her older son arrived at the house and naturally she introduced us. He remembered Star well from when Star used to visit their house when the kids were much younger, and I took his excitement for honour of finally meeting the mother that gave birth to such greatness.

A few days later Mimi and I were chatting on Whatsapp and she mentioned that her son had very lovely things to say about me. And what girl doesn’t enjoy hearing compliments about her style and her smile?

I can’t say that he made the same impression on me; but in his defense I don’t take much notice of any men these days, so it’s hardly a slight on him and I have been actively avoiding those creatures since last year and aim to make it a year single before I renew any interest in men [or women].

Just before Valentines Day Mimi informed me that her Liam wanted to ask me out on a date.  I burst out laughing and once I could control the giggles I nearly had a panic attack. It’s all well and fine in theory; but the thought of actually having to be in a man’s presence with a certain amount of exceptions [not necessary physical, but at the very least that I am able to hold a conversation!] had me in a cold sweat.

I advised her that I had plans for all of that weekend – which was mostly true – and that she should put him off the idea of contacting me just yet without letting him know that I knew his impending plans as I didn’t want him to feel rejected – but a first date over the Valentines weekend? Way too much pressure.

Not to mention that our entire communication to date had been

Hi, nice to meet you. Have a lovely evening. Bye.

Another week went by and Mimi once again inquired as to whether the timing had improved in order for her son to contact me with the view to taking me out for dinner. Unfortunately [for him, not me] I already had plans that weekend and as I’m not keen on two major social events on one weekend, I ask her to encourage him to first make contact in a social setting before asking me out on a date.

Sounds like High School, doesn’t it? But wait, here’s where it goes from being silly, to downright hilarious …