I am soooo excited and short of a mountain to shout my news from, my blog will have to suffice.

I have paid my deposit for my next [number 10] tattoo and I have booked two sessions in which to go under the needle [one session isn’t long enough.]

And what, I hear you ask with intense curiosity, is Harmony going to have permanently inked on her right arm and shoulder …

Marilyn on the left arm is feeling lonely and has requested for her twin to join her on the right arm … and so I shall oblige with this portrait …

Marilyn Monroe

Β However, this Diva has decided to be slightly disguised and wear an ornate Venetian Mask venetian-mask-colombina-macrame-gold

with lots of feathers coming out the top as an elaborate headdress

With the result looking something similar to the top half of the tattoo below

venetian mask with feathers

But wait … that’s not all! I would hate for the bottom half of my upper arm to remain bare … and so I will capture a few of my other loves … in film …


ignore the film reel, I won’t be having that … nor the contents of these film strips

I’m still working on the contents of the film strips, and without giving too much away, all the pictures will be 50’s inspired, in fitting with Marilyn and all the glamour that goes with her.

I’m not going to insert any of my spiritual elements into this tattoo, as they are reserved for the next one I have planned … which just happens to be a full back tattoo with Buddha above a lotus flower, sitting beneath the tree of life which will be filled with religious and spiritual symbols.

Bring on the 25th of July 2014!!!