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While I was in the UK, a few lucky celebrities had the opportunity to hobnob with Harmony. 

George Clooney

By George! That was a good breakfast!

I went on a few dates with Harry, you know how much he likes us Southern African  girls – but the redhead was too wild even for me and so we called it quits.

The Royal Family

Keeping a stiff upper lip

I was offered a role in the latest Bond movie, unfortunately Sean kicked up a fuss that he wouldn’t be co-starring and I didn’t want to put Daniel’s nose out of joint and so I had to turn down the part.

Daniel Craig

I’ll take one, shaken not stirred.

Sean Connery

Sharing a scotch with a Scot.


J.T. and I rocked the night away at Pasha on several occasions, luckily the paparazzi only managed to get one pic of us together but Ms Biel was on my back after that!


Justin Timberlake

Is that a roll of quarters in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

As my trip was pre-Bieber madness, I had to make do with Zac Effron. He was over 21, so no harm done. Don’t judge.


Zac Effron

Had I known how hot he’d become, I’d have brought him home with me …

Marilyn’s not the only bottle blonde who got up close and personal with a certain el Presidante. [No necrophiliac jokes please.]


Ask not what I can do for you, ask what you can do for me.

Speaking of the Goddess, she came back to life for a few minutes just to pose with her bestest best friend in the whole wide world!

Marilyn Monroe

Gentlemen prefer us blondes.

[Photo’s taken by Paul at Madam Toussauds December 2008]