Yes it’s true, the diva that is was Harmony has ceased wearing make-up; and no this was not a Halloween scaring tactic; but rather due to more practical issues.

In the past I would don full war paint when leaving the house:

Foundation – Clinique Continuous Coverage [the only case I could find that covered all my pigmentation marks and freckles without a heavy feeling]

Blush – Mac Powder Blush [no special reason for this particular brand]

Mascara – L’Oreal Volume Million [I would only use L’Oreal mascara’s – the absolute best for length and volume – I’d be asked if I was wearing falsies]

Eyebrow Pencil – Some no-name brand from Clicks

Eye liner – Same pencil as above

Lip liner – Same pencil as above

Lip gloss – Clarins Gloss Appeal [gift from my sister]

As time wore on and money wore thin; I started rationing my foundation usage for special occasions; dates, clubbing, family functions and job interviews.

On my birthday I was preparing for dinner with my folks at The Rambling Vine [did I not brag that I spent the weekend at Mount Grace?? Oh my bad.]; however after applying the creamy liquid, I noticed that instead of disguising my age, it was highlighting lines around my eyes that I had never even noticed before. I literally received wrinkles on my birthday! [it felt like Halloween]

Needless to say I immediately washed my face [Ponds Perfect Colour Complex Anti Marks – since I no longer have make-up to hide the pigmentation, I have to get rid of them. And yes, what I initially thought was cheap crap, actually works wonders.  Several months of the facial wash and day cream and the marks are dramatically lighter. And no, my opinion has not been endorsed!]

So since turning the big four oh, I have not worn any foundation whatsoever.  I also haven’t been on any dates, gone clubbing or attended any job interviews.

Without the foundation, there was no longer a need for the blush as I have naturally sun-kissed apple blossom cheeks, only slightly hidden under the now-fading freckles. Nothing an old-fashioned pinch can’t fix.

All that remained was the eyes and lips. Despite having very dark hair, my eyelashes have taken on the colour of my preferred shade  – blonde. Ok I lie. My eyelashes have lightened naturally in that they are turning grey.

There I said it. Nevertheless, my faithful L’Oreal wand would ensure their long lusciousness with a mere single sweep. Seriously, not even two applications and I received what was promised in the ads.

Unfortunately due to the depreciation of the rand, and the increase in the oil price; I was forced to purchase a fong kong brand from the fleamarket.  To call the stuff coming out of the tube gunk would be a compliment.

Suffice to say it did not lengthen my lashes and neither did it thicken them.  It clumped them and when attempting to brush them out with a second coat – only served to break the hairs. I kid you not. My lashes lost half their length after a few weeks of application. *sob*

The brown eyebrow pencil slash eye-liner slash lip-liner has never given me an ounce of grief – it even came with a built-in sharpener in the lid.

Over the years I have been slightly heavy handed with the tweezers and the outer parts of the brows have stubbornly refused to grow back.  I don’t bother colouring between the lines for work as the frames of my glasses cleverly hide the lack thereof; however I promise to indulge in a drafting session should a date, clubbing session or job interview present themselves.

The lip-gloss has since come to a bitter end, and my mouth is lucky if I remember to rub Vaseline over them in the mornings.  But since they’re not doing anything more exciting than nagging at the kids and opening wide to shove in stolen candy from Angel’s Halloween stash, I couldn’t be bothered in their lack of care.  I don’t think they even remember how to pucker.

Now all that said and done; I have to confess that I do still rock the longest, blackest, blingest eyelashes around.

I can live with being a 40 year old with freckles; I can even handle [pardon the pun] the unruly eyebrows … but I cannot and absolutely will not be seen without lashes.  As it is I have deep set eyes [natural] and drooping eyelids [gravity plus age]; so the lashes were never prominent to begin with .. but here’s my little secret …

I have a growing stash of false eyelashes.

I have a natural-looking set for daily wear, dark double layers for evening wear [obviously in my case that means work], lashes with glitter [yup, work], a pair with tiny crystals [you got it, any day] … and my latest acquisition … drag queen lashes.

When I batter my eyes wearing those, you don’t even notice the lack of brows as they practically reach my forehead; and certainly no-one will be looking at the lack of lipstick either.

All eyes are on my lashes.

I’m saving those for a special occasion.