Oh Em Gee! I have just received the most interesting bit of news that I just have to share! I’m not usually one for gossip [hahaha], however what I have just heard is too good not to share!

This afternoon our receptionist came huffing and puffing into my office to ask if I knew where my druggie ex-boyfriend [yes, that’s how she refers to Fabian] lived. I confirmed that I didn’t have cooking clue where he laid his hat and quite frankly couldn’t care less.

Not one to be shut down before unloading her story, Ms Receptionist continued.

She had just returned from doing deliveries to a few of the complexes we manage in the area, and when driving up to the gate of one such building, she recognised a man loitering by the gate.

Driving through the gate she had a better look at him and positively identified him as the druggy ex-boyfriend of Miss Harmony. And the reason she was even able to establish that it was indeed Fabian is that she knows him from church. The same one I used to attend, way back when I was traumatised and in need of spiritual upliftment.

Anyway, as she conducted her drive-by, he almost snapped his neck turning his head so fast, as he obviously recognised the sign-writing on the vehicle with the company logo and other details; knowing that it is where I am employed.

When Ms Receptionist left the complex, she stopped at the gate to chat to the security guard, asking whether the guy who’d been standing there earlier was in fact a resident in the complex, and the guard on duty not only confirmed his residence, but also provided her with the exact unit number he lived in.

Naturally and with much delight at her investigative skills, she relayed all these details to me, and whilst I don’t give a rats ass that he lives in one of our complexes, I couldn’t help but find that particular address familiar.  And so I conducted a bit of investigations myself to ascertain who owned the place.

Well I’ll be damned! Fabian is currently living with a guy I previous dated! I kid you not! In fact, I even wrote about meeting the guy and the date at the time of the occurrence.  It was a couple of years ago, after Deveroux and I had broken up and before I had become involved with Beloved.

Angel’s father’s girlfriend [we’re still friends despite their break-up] at the time and I had gone out for a girl’s night out [ironically to the place Fabian assaulted me at, or rather – under]; and as we were about to leave we were approached by a group of guys who ended up joining us at the table.  After some chatting and drinking, they invited us back to their place for a little house party.

Being the party animals we were, we hastily agreed and followed them back to their home [the scene of today’s crime] and we partied until the early hours of the morning with them.  My long time readers will recall the host was the very large, very tattooed [one of Marilyn to boot!] but a very gentlemanly fellow.

We hit it off and stayed in touched via BBM and chatted quite a bit over the ensuing days. He eventually invited me out on a date – a sedate coffee – however there was absolutely no chemistry between us and we never took it further. However we remained Facebook friends, which we still are.

And now Fabian is living with this guy!!! I do recall Fabian once mentioning him, saying that they gymed together, but I know they weren’t good friends and they definitely never hooked up whilst we [F and I] were together.  I can also confirm that said gentleman [not F] is also a big drinker and coke-user, so the plot thickens.

Ok, that’s all. As you were.

~ ♣ ~