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A few months ago I posted this photo, unedited and totally untouched by Photoshop I’ll add; with a naughty little bite asking where I was, which hopefully led you to believe that I was in Paris.

Night in Paris

Au contraire my faithful readers. Whilst it certainly seemed that I had a bird’s eye view of the Eiffel Tower from my bedroom window; the wonder of the world that you saw was actually the reflection of a miniature glass momento in my window.

I won’t say how many shots I had to take with poor BB to get the right effect, but there you have it; proof once again that when it comes to Harmony, nothing is as it first seems!

Night in Paris 2

Sadly I have never had the pleasure of traveling to Paris, however all invitations will be gladly accepted … upon receipt of air tickets and confirmation of accommodation, of course.

First stop, the Louis Vuitton flagship store, 101 avenue des Champs-Elysées; and after a tiring shopping spree we shall retire to the comfort of a side-walk bistro for café et croissants whilst listening to Edith Piaf playing softly on a gramophone from an upstairs apartment.

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