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Since I recently regaled you with my exciting weekday activities, I thought it only fitting to provide you with a riveting insight into my weekends.

As is well advertised, I work half-day on Friday’s. Ostensibly because the company can’t afford to increase my salary to that of a full-time employer. The irony being that more often that not, I am unable to meet my deadlines due to the lack of hours and hence I have to work over-time, for which I am paid.

Now accordingly to my calculations, the additional monies I am paid works out to more than if I was just employed on a full-time basis.

*shrugs* Methinks I am the only one who has discovered this loophole, and it does mean that I retain my Friday afternoons and I work the additional time at my own convenience, whether it be on weekday evenings, or a Saturday morning. So I shall remain mum on this.

After officially finishing work at 13h00 on a Friday, I have half an hour to kill prior to fetching Angel from school.  This is either spent at the office; finalizing last minute work come in, or on the net reading blogs the news.

Alternatively I take a drive to the Hospice shop to take advantage of their book deals.  I can pick up a relatively new best seller for R20 and older novels for R10 or R8. Books in less than great condition are available for four bucks and hard covers for 50c.

Let me repeat that. Any hard cover book, of any age and by any author is sold for a grand total of fifty ZA cents. For my Yankee readers, at today’s exchange rate that is the equivalent of 5c. In Stirling it would equate to 3c. I kid you not. When one is as financially strapped as I am, you learn very quickly where to pick up good deals.

My best buy was the complete works of Shakespeare; with all of his plays and sonnets, published in the late 1800’s.  Whilst I have absolutely no intention of parting with the Bard’s works, I am pretty sure that book is worth a pretty packet.

Once I have Angel safely ensconced in the Feisty Fiesta we take the long and tiring road trip of approximately 10 km  [± 6.2 miles] to The Parentals. That may not seem a great distance to most, but considering my usual day consists of a less than 10 km round trip dropping off two kids at school, getting to work, fetching Angel from school, returning to work, going to the shops and returning home … a one way trip of 10 km is a akin to a long distance journey for me. And if you know anything about me at all, you’ll know that I despise driving.

First on the agenda at the Folks is food; and Angel and I are always well-fed. In the first instance my step-mother only purchases her ingredients at Woolies, and secondly; did I ever mention that she’s a cordon bleu chef? So even a sandwhich is more delectable than just your average BLT.

Once our tummies are full, Angel makes her way to the TV lounge to indulge in the luxury of DSTV, with Disney Channel being the station of choice. So glad to see my kid still being a kid even when faced with a remote control providing access to hundreds of programmes.

While madam is entertained, I step into Dad’s study and don my secretarial cap.  Gone are the days of offering computer lessons; it seems I’ve taught the old dog all the new tricks he can handle for this lifetime and he now saves all the more complicated work needed to be done, for our Friday time slot.

Truth to be told it’s the greatest honour for me to assist my Dad.  After everything he has done for me and continues to do, especially for Star; there is absolutely nothing I wouldn’t do for my Dad. All he need do is ask and I would drop anything to go running.

Anyway, we have a great system going as Dad is a big fan of dictating [thank god, because even after 40 birthday cards, I still struggle to decipher his handwriting] and a bigger blessing is that I can type as fast as he can dictate and so our letter and email drafting is a swift process and even at his own admission; I am far more efficient than Dragon.

Several hours later and we have accomplished more than he would have in a week without my assistance [brag brag brag] and then it’s the Groot Trek back home which sadly involved crossing several main intersections between our respective suburbs, and also gives me a sneak peak of the peak hour traffic I hear so much about. Bleh.

And if you think that was an exciting day, wait until you hear how Friday nights are spent!

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