On such an auspicious evening
the Goddess’ glow of the full moon above

her tides ebbing and flowing within my eyes
my heart surrenders a beat
faith forward

Horseshoe Tarot Spread

A horseshoe Tarot spread I did for myself this evening.

Your overwhelming desire to succeed has proven detrimental to other areas of your life. Attempts to win at all costs, and carrying these ambitious burdens with obsessive behaviour has exhausted you.

You are faced with choices, however doubt and illusion reigns.  Remember, all that glitters is not gold, and should you attempt to pin down a certain circumstance it will disappear altogether.

Whilst hoping for peace after a troubled time, there is unfortunately an unsettled stalemate and the original tensions giving rise to the situation need to be resolved before calm is restored.

That settled, you are leaving your troubles behind and moving into a happier phase. Literary. Movement and journeys on the physical plane will bring peace and balance upon your return.

Indecision, worry and constant fretting are acting as energy blocks, restricting you.  Whilst you may not be able to take control immediately, in the long term this is necessary to release the bonds.

A past connection, filled with happy memories with a past lover or old friend will serve a useful purpose here. This former contact will be in touch soon and will serve as a bridge.

A successful and wealthy businessman who finds it difficult to express his emotions. He is unwilling to let down his defences as he likes to be in control at all times.