At about 08h30 on Saturday morning we drove Nephew to a garage up the road to meet with his psycho girlfriend who was going to take him back to their own place.

After a very very long night and morning, Fabian and I finally returned home. We shed our dirty sweaty clothes, and fell into bed together.

Alone at last!

I assumed that due to our lack of sleep, we’d be getting some shuteye, but judging by the twinkle in Fabian’s bright green eyes as he pulled me close to him, sleep was the furthest thing from his mind.


Before my smile could widen in delight, his lips were on mine; our gentle kisses building in momentum with the burning hunger of our bodies aching for each other.

After five long weeks of foreplay and teasing, our mutual desire was too great to deny any longer, and after a brief break to retrieve necessary items from my bureau, the most sensual fireworks display began.