Sexy Couple Sleeping

My wet sweet dreams were rudely interrupted by the buzzing of the intercom. Reluctantly I rolled off my fluffy pillow and reached for BB who lay on my chest of drawers.

03h40 she indicated.

Bloody hell! Who the fuck would dare wake me at this time?! In my tight black hot-pants and off the shoulder purple sleep-shirt, I padded across the house to answer the intercom.

“Ja?” I croaked.

“Fabian, he is here.”

“Let him in.”

A few minutes later His Royal Hotness meandered through my garden and up to my front door. I tried so hard to be annoyed with him for the late night early morning visit; but as he was looking and smelling so damn delicious, and was terribly pleased to see me, which is always an ego boost; it was a struggle maintaining my mad face.

“What are you doing here Fabian?” I attempted a straight face.

“I want to cuddle with my baby.”


“Come, let’s go to bed.” I took him by the hand, and led him back through the house to my bedroom. He pulled off his Nike trainers and socks, followed by his designer jeans and tight T-shirt.  This time I held the duvet open so that he could creep between the sheets and into my arms.

But sleep we did not.  He might have had a lot to drink, but he was far from passing out.  Instead he decided it was a good opportunity for a long chat.  Starting with a blow-by-blow commentary on the evening’s proceedings; providing me with a full itinerary from the cocktail lounge to the sports bar where we met.

“Do you remember me coming straight up to you my babe? I had eyes for no-one else, I didn’t even greet the rest of the table.”

From there he returned to the cocktail lounge for drinks with the owner of a nearby entertainment venue; as he was the guy Fabian and his crew used to dance for. Not dance for as in he was the audience – that sounds so wrong; but he managed the club and paid the guys. Ok, that sound dodgy too, but you get my meaning.

Thereafter they hit the club – “Baby everyone was checking us out when we danced there hey!” he recalled, gazing up at me with his jade green eyes.

“Hmmmm.” I replied, gently stroking his hair as his lay on my lap.

When that establishment closed, Fabian and friends went to the Dodgy Pub.  Good thing I didn’t join him after all.  Once the DP shut their doors, Fabian returned to the first drinking hole to leave his friends with their vehicles, and then on his way home “I just found myself outside your complex.”

Which incidentally was not on his way home at all. His place is between mine and the cocktail lounge. But even though I was awoken at a very ungodly hour, and kept awake for several more; I did not mind one bit.  Until he was lying in my arms I didn’t realise that I had actually missed him.

Soon the birds were chirping their morning song, and as the sunbeams danced their way between the curtains, I slid beneath the covers as Fabian pulled me back towards him as he enveloped my body in his arms and entwined his legs around mine.  With soft kisses on the back of my neck I fell asleep, with another smile on my face.

O bed! O bed! delicious bed!
That heaven upon earth to the weary head.
~ Thomas Hood, Miss Kilmansegg – Her Dream ~