Daily Prompt: Sweet Sixteen

When you were 16, what did you think your life would look like?
Does it look like that? Is that a good thing?

Sweet 16 Tiara

Ah sweet sixteen, that was one of the best years of my life!

I had my best friend who lived in the same road as me [she was later my maid of honour and now lives in New Zealand with her 2nd husband and three kids – we’re still in touch on Facebook] and we would get up to all sorts of mischief together.  From stealing her mother’s Life [oh the irony] cigarettes; to buying booze at the bar at the squash courts to go sit in the park and dop instead of going to school.

My boyfriend at the time was the baddest boy in school [why are you not surprised] and he literally lived on the other side of the tracks.  He was later expelled and wouldn’t attend my matric dance [prom for my US friends] with me as many of the guys he’d left behind wanted to beat him up.

Even though I was provided with ample pocket money from my dad, my needs were greater than the average sixteen year old; and required additional cash for cigarettes, booze, petrol money for the buddies with cars, club entrance fees and of course for clothes and make-up to dress up to get into said club.

And so I acquired not one, but two jobs.  My bestie and I waitressed at an Italian restaurant in a shopping centre close to where we lived, with one evening shift during the week, and at least two shifts over the weekend.  On a Saturday morning I worked as an assistant in a haberdashery [I later dated the proprietors son, and she is currently one of my clients – small small world town].

My dreams were to marry young and have five children in quick succession. Coming from a very large family with six of us brats, even if we were on the outs with three others, there was always someone to play with.

In this regard I came up short, only popping out two of my own; but if I count the foster kids, and others that I’ve brought up over the years … I’ve had my troop.  As for the marriage – those were the worst 22 months of my life, and perhaps still the biggest demotivating factor to several subsequent broken engagements.

Work-wise I had ambitions of becoming either a psychologist or a television presenter.  I did become an agent for television presenters and owned a training studio; and I also appeared in several adverts with extra roles in soapies too.  I didn’t get to become the big star I dreamed of, but I did create a few, so I guess that’s one consolation.

As for being a shrink, I studied psychology via correspondence in my twenties.  I received over 80% for my first year, but unfortunately due to work commitments I had to drop out the following year.  I also spent many sessions with various psychologists – does that count?

But in all seriousness, does my life bare any semblance to the dreams I had as a sweet sixteen year old?

Sadly not, my life has soured quite severely since then.  That being said, there’s still life in me yet – time to make some new dreams come true.