Daily Prompt: Polite Company

“It’s never a good idea to discuss religion or politics with people you don’t really know.” Agree or disagree?

politics religion

I recall the original saying being “You shouldn’t discuss sex, religion and politics in polite company“, so I note with bitter disappointment the lack of one of those juicy taboo subjects in the question above.

I was all ready to write a writhing post, wholeheartedly disagreeing with the maxim, as sex [as we all know by now; and if you don’t, you haven’t read a single post on this blog] is my absolute all time favourite topic of conversation. Whether in polite or [especially] otherwise company.

Anyway, since the subject of sex is off the table [boo hoo], let me debate the merits of whether religion or politics should be discussed with people you don’t really know.

Since this isn’t a trick question and there is no wrong or right answer, and more especially because none of you [bar two – hey girls!] know where I live; I am going to be very candid in my entitled opinion.

[clears throat and pushes reading glasses up bridge of nose with tip of middle finger]

Politics should not be discussed. Period. Whether you know the person intimately or remotely, keep your mouth shut when it comes to your beliefs, opinions or brainwashed ideas on the state of the affairs of the government.

Should I be the person you barely know and you utter one word regarding the dreaded subject, I won’t be so rude as to tell you what I think [shut the fuck up], but I will either yawn, change the subject, and / or accidentally step on your foot with the heel of my six-inch stilettos.

The good news is, you will never hear my thoughts on politics either.  Make no bloody mistake, I keep myself very well-informed on current affairs, both locally and internationally – but it is my constitutional right [wink wink] to neither discuss it, nor be subjected to your views on it either – regardless of whether we agree or not.

Why, I hear you ask. Because it’s boring. Simple as that. No hidden political agenda’s here.  If we can’t talk about sex, we’re certainly not going to talk about politics. Unless we’re gossiping about a politicians sex life, in which case – game on. [god I love exceptions to the rules]


Religion. I am all for discussing religion.  In fact most of the spiritual conversations I’ve enjoyed have been with people I’ve just met, rather than with those I’m close to.  I’m even up for debate on occasion, as in this regard I am interested in your beliefs and views. However, if your intent is Bible Bashing or any form of religious indoctrination – you can go to hell [hehehe] I have my beliefs and you have yours – let’s discuss them as mature adults.

If you are interested in hearing about my past as a Christian, Muslim, Wiccan, $cientologist [yeah, they know where I live too], Spiritualist and Buddhist – let’s get crack-a-lacking.  I’m even known to take out my Angel Cards at parties to offer personalised readings to absolute strangers.

So, my simple answer is two-fold. No to politics and yes to religion.

Right, now let’s get back to the good stuff!