Daily Post: Stroke of Midnight

New years Eve

Where were you last night when 2012 turned into 2013?

Sitting on my green leather single-seater – which I still maintain is more suitable as patio furniture, but I’m too afraid of an unannounced visit from The Parentals to return it to its rightful place outside. Not that they would ever rock up at my place without an invite; and I’m not prone to inviting my family or even friends over to my home very often [perhaps this could be one of my new New Year’s Resolutions – inviting people over]

However, I totally digress. Unfortunately my previous post is not time stamped, but I can reveal that it was posted at exactly 23h59 last night. Yes, I Harmony – former party animal slash man eater and part time cougar – spent New Years Eve home.  Alone. With nothing but the internet for company.  I attempted to watch Dr Zhivago on DVD, but I was in serious danger of falling asleep and missing the ringing in of the New Year altogether.

Star went with his G’s to a party in a neighbouring hood. He actually drove there himself with Mamma as the designated holder of a license seated in the passenger seat.  Miss Thang aka Angel, was home with me; lying opposite on the two seater watching Vampire Diaries on her portable DVD player until she passed out at approximately 23h15. Oh but I did shake her awake at midnight as I had to wish someone a Happy New Year as the clock struck twelve.

Is that where you’d wanted to be?

Honestly? Hell no.

I wanted to ring in the New Year with loud music blasting through the speakers, shaking what my mamma gave me; not soundproofing windows to avoid the snap, crackle and pop of fireworks banging in surround sound.

I longed to be dressed in a figure-hugging, cleavage-showing jewel-embellished evening dress teamed with six inch heels; and not my dirty denim shorts and blue T-shirt, with dirty bare feet.

I craved the company of my wild and boistrous friends, downing shots of Patrón and sipping on chilled Cosmopolitans; not sitting at home alone, slurping on my Coke without so much as a slice of lemon.

So no, it’s not where I wanted to be; but based on previous experience, it’s definitely where I needed to be. And that seems to be my second new New Year’s Resolution – to do the things I need to do, rather than those I want.

Be quiet now and wait.
It may be that the ocean one,
the one we desire so to move into and become,
desires us out here on land a little longer,
going our sundry roads to the shore.

~ Rumi ~