1.  The very charming trauma surgeon residing in another province

Sexy Surgeon

Bachelor # 1 was an immediate forerunner for the position as my beau.  He had a wickedly witty sense of humour, was extremely charming and of course I was bowled over by his life’s mission of saving lives [note to self: enough with the Grey’s Anatomy already!].  It also helped that I was able to discuss Mother Dearest’s condition with him, and unlike the medical staff at the hospital, he would explain what certain details on her chart meant, as well as what the various medications she was on were for. [I’d take photo’s of everything and send them to him to decipher.]

After a few days of chatting on BBM he asked for my number and without hesitation I gave it to him.  We would text [between surgeries] during the day; and when he arrived home in the evenings we would chat on the phone for at least an hour, with us alternating between making the calls.

It wasn’t long before B1 expressed a desire to meet with me in person and he offered to come up to Johannesburg [he resided in Durban] the following weekend [staying in a hotel of course] so that we could ascertain whether the connection we had on the phone would be there face to face.  Naturally I was thrilled with the idea and immediately we began to plan what we would do together over the weekend.

A few days before his imminent arrival I fell asleep in the evening awaiting his text to notify me that he had returned home so that I could call him to chat.  The following morning I didn’t hear anything from him either, so a bit concerned, I sent a BBM and asked if everything was ok.  He replied that he was still awaiting my call from the night before. Huh? A slight argument ensued with him admitting that he hadn’t been in touch that day because it was my turn to phone him the night before and I hadn’t called.

Seriously? SERIOUSLY! Oh for fuck sakes. Grow a pair dude. I immediately deleted his number, BBM pin and any evidence of his existence.  [When you have 200 prospects, you can afford to be fussy and uncompromising!]