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I know of only one other person in the world who is happy when the temperatures exceed 40°.  Someone who also collect LV’s. wears a size 3 shoe, changes her hair colour as often as .. well as I do.

I love reading discussions regarding nature vs nurture and I’m sure it’s natural for everyone to question how much of themselves are a product of their environment, their upbringing, their culture … and what stems from DNA, biology, genes.

My short stature I get from both of my biological parents.  Although I never matched either of their heights.  Measuring in at a measly 5’1″, I was towered by my brothers growing up, the shortest of whom is just under 6′, with the tallest being about 6’4″.  The other three fitting in between.

But I’ll have you know that I used to take them all on … at once … when we were kids … and bearing in mind that little boys don’t call names and pull hair; they punch, kick, and ofttimes have weapons. I’ve defended myself against chairs, batteries, bricks, toys … I’ve been hung out of a hotel window. I was one of the boys. Through and through.

Although I fought and played like a boy and was always with the unfairer sex, I was never a tomboy. I went out to battle in my finest and I didn’t even bother to remove the bling. It was all part of my armour [and secret weaponry, should need be.]

Anyway, so my point is; I did not grow up dressing up in mommy’s clothes, prancing around in her high heel shoes, putting on her make-up, and all those things that little girls do. [Purely because there was no mommy around. Not for lack of want.]

And yet, I’m as girly girl as they come.  Think Paris Hilton [minus the sex tape, and the stupidty, and the DUI’s, and the money, and . … ok, so she was a bad example] …

But no-one loves their Louis Vuittons, hidden platform high heel shoes [think Christian Louboutin*, but only cheaper], ghd, tiara, angel wings and did I mention bling-bling as much as I do?

So where did I get this “divaishness” from?

Definitely not my upbringing. I wasn’t exposed to any of that when I was young.  But there was always an innate desire to have a closet full of Louis Vuitton bags [don’t worry, I also have many other less-shallow dreams].

And then to find out that my biological mother is just as obsessed passionate as I am [one of my first gifts from her was an LV]; and she’s always doing her nails, colouring her hair, sun tanning, drinking cocktails …

I’m sure I intended a very philosophical post, and I’ve veered off my train of thought, but the mention of shoes and handbags have me drooling and distracted. [a girl’s gotta get her kicks somewhere …]

BBM to self: add to owing a pair a real Christian Louboutin shoes and an authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram hangbag luggage to your bucket list.