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As the fuzziness faded and my memory returned; I jumped out of the bath to find out if my lightbulb moment was indeed an act of lucidity.

I marched across the cold tiles of my bathroom, across the threshold into my boudoir, leaving small puddles of water in my wake.  There was no time to be wasted in wrapping myself in my beige bath towel, as curiosity outweighed any modesty.  [this might be the part when I admit that my curtains weren’t closed properly … and with a tree *sob* no longer blocking the view into my window ...]

Anyway, I sat on my burgundy bed and pulled open the second drawer, amost to it’s full length.  I reach in and pulled out my bright multi-coloured Clinique make-up bag.

I took a deep breath, roughly unzipped the bag, pulling it open to fully expose it; I turned it upside down and tipped all the contents onto the bed. 

And what did I find, right next to the box of my … er … mini massager???

… three flavoured condoms! 

Strawberry, Vanilla and Tutti-Frutti.

Never before had I been so excited to see condoms before!

Well, except that one time when I was with …

Oh never mind, I digress.

During my investigations last night, I had taken a cursory peek inside, but because the condoms wrappers are red, blue, gold and green; they were camouflaged against the bag!

And then it all came back to me.

Saturday night: dancing; alcohol; no action in so long I won’t need to purchase this any time soon …

I came home, was extremely hot from all the dancing [and drinking] and threw my clothes haphazardly around the room. 

I was craving …

… a piece of chocolate, and I always have a hidden stash of Top Deck in my goodie drawer.

Without bothering to switch on the light, or even open the drawer fully, I reached into the back to retrieve my choccie. It was stuck under my goodie bag, so I had to open the drawer wider to take the bag off the slab.  I looked at the bag, and then at the condoms, glistening in the moonlight on the bottom left, in full view of anyone brave enough to open the drawer. I thought it would be prudent to put them in the bag … and so I did.


I don’t know if it was the jelly babies and Ponchos that I downed on Saturday night that erased my memory [Tequila does that to me], or if it’s just *gulp* old age slowly creeping up on me, and chipping away at my memory banks … but I can’t believe I didn’t recall that!

After packing away the contents of my little Clinique goodie bag, I returned it to it’s rightful place. With a proud spring in my step, due to solving the mystery; I pranced back into the bathroom and slunk into my bath, refilling it with hot water.  I leaned back, closed my eyes and savoured the smile.

hot bath

Of as for what I did after eating the few pieces of chocolate

Well a girl’s gotta leave a bit of mystery.