When will I learn??? Focusing on the negatives merely serves to increase their intensity and attract further adversity.

There wasn’t enough cat food for the kitties let alone the kiddies, so I was forced to do the dreaded monthly grocery shopping.  Had we been in need of the staples bread or milk I could have paid a visit to my local supermarket; however, their sachets of cat food are double the price of Pick n Pay, and with the healthy appetites of Girlfield, Lady Tubbington and Sir Lady Lancelot, I’d soon be broke if I purchased them there.

I procrastinated for an hour or so, too lazy to remove myself from the couch where I had eased deep into on arriving home; but with the cats constant meowing and kids continual moaning I called upon the angels to lift me up and get me through the next hour.

Angel and I arrived at the shopping center thirty minutes before closing time, giving me the much needed impetus to get through the arduous task as quickly and painlessly [but wait ...] as possible.

I ensured I purloined a well-oiled-wheeled trolley, as I have learnt in the past that wonky wheels not only add time to the trip, but frustration to the foray too.  And away we go!

Not two aisles in, my right calf started aching. By the time I was stocking my trolley with several 2.5kg bags of white sugar for only R20.00 each, the throbbing had increased. On standing beside the fridge selecting my Danish feta, I was using the trolley as a crutch as every step on my right foot sent shooting pains up my obviously-not-yet-healed ligaments.

I decided to call an end to my trip, not because I was the last customer in the store and a worker was following me around with a mop hinting that they were wanting to close; but because I didn’t think I would be able to walk to my car, let alone drive the kilometre home if the pain increased any further.

I was immensely thankful to find Star and one of his cronies sitting on the pavement outside the complex and promptly offered them a ride inside [Star's friends have been banned from entering the premises since the unresolved crime], in exchange for carrying in the packets and boxes.

Angel kindly packed away the purchases and made din-dins whilst I sat on the couch to identify the damage to my leg. The round bruise caused by the cricket ball that had previously faded, had unceremoniously returned, bringing along severe swelling to area.

Oh woe is me.

I spent another few hours in delightful procrastination by catching up on the world’s news, followed by a very long hot bubble bath [courtesy of my neighbour - the bubbles - not the actual drawing of the bath] and at 23h00 I finally sat down with my laptop to establish what went wrong with the grade two reports.

My brother was quite incorrect – I hadn’t duplicated one of the classes – oh no, I had in fact triplicated it! The word document files for Grade 2, Grade 2.1 and Grade 2.2 all contained the same student names and same marks. At first I thought I had merely copied it twice over, but alas – with each file being a different size, and the formatting differing slightly in each document – I had most definitely typed out the same class out three times.

As I wrote in my email to Boet at midnight after finally correcting and completing the reports; don’t ask me how or why, because damned if I know.

My leg is so sore today, with pains from the ankle shooting up the side to my mid-calf; and if I could lift it, I would be kicking myself for not getting the medical attention it required at the time of the injury.

I might have experienced the inconvenience of my leg in cast for a few weeks, but I would probably be off the crutches by now. Don’t even suggest that I seek medical help now, as I am departing for my annual holiday to the folks bungalow in the nature reserve in three weeks and I need my right leg free to push the pedal for the 600 odd kilometers into the bush.

Ho-hum. Hindsight is 20/20.

~ ♦ ~

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