Is is only Wednesday?

I was up to some ungodly hour on Monday night to finish the reports for my brother by the deadline of Tuesday morning – which I duly did. Only to be called by him today to say that I had duplicated one of the grade two classes, and was therefore missing a class. *sob*

He urgently needed to know whether I had inadvertently emailed him the incorrect class, or whether I had indeed duplicated a class. I reminded him that I was at work, i.e. my paying job and obviously did not have my laptop with me, and could only check when I returned home this afternoon.

Which was supposed to be much later, because I still haven’t done the monthly grocery shopping. I usually do it on payday, which would’ve been Monday – but as I had to finish the reports, I had to put it off. I wouldn’t done it yesterday, but firstly I had to work late to catch up for the time I took off to attend Angel’s honours assembly; and I had to return to the school straight after work to attend an art exhibition – as Angel had a painting on display.

So there goes doing any grocery shopping this evening, as I have to dash home to check the reports on my laptop, and if I stupidly [and it's quite likely that in my exhaustion I did] duplicate a class’s reports, that is what will be keeping me busy again tonight.

I bought the kids the dreaded Mickey D’s on Monday night to feed them, as there really was absolutely no meat in the freezer; and last night I just popped into the grocery store to buy vienna’s and rolls to feed them; thinking I would be doing the actual major purchases tonight.

Alas, that is not to be. Once again no time for shopping and still no food in the house. I guess the kiddies will have to eat hotdogs again. That’s if the undomestic didn’t finish the vienna’s and/or rolls; in which it’s cat food for din-dins.

I’ve been counting down til Friday – not only the start of the weekend, but my half-day working day … however Boss Lady approached me a few minutes with a request to work full day as Mr 2IC has made a disappearing act – at lunch time he said he was leaving to fetch his kitten from home – and he hasn’t been seen since.

This leaves me to pick up the slack – as if I don’t have enough work as it is, and on top of all that – BL leaves early tomorrow afternoon to fly down to the Cape to visit a friend for an early holiday. What a lovely life.

So it should come as no surprise that the dreaded insomnia has returned, and no matter how utterly exhausted I am every night; at 03h00 I am wide awake [hardly bushy-tailed] unable to return to sleep until the birds start chirping; but which time I am too scared to fall asleep again in case I don’t wake up again.

And the cherry on top … our dear receptionist whose high-pitched grating voice has had my on edge all day.  She get’s infinitely louder when BL is out of the office, which leads me to believe that she does it on purpose, knowing how much it disturbs me. BL had a chat with her on Monday as I was ready to shout at the old bat because she has absolutely no consideration for other people in the office who actually have work to do and need to concentrate in order to do same.

On the up side, I officially only have one school-going child.  Star wrote his final final Matric exam; so school is done and dusted.  I think I am more relieved than he is.

Anyway, I would love to stay and chat, but I have just received another call from Boet to say that I must go past his place after work so that he can show me the duplicate reports.  As if that is going to change anything.

~ ♦ ~

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